There are certain things that you have to check out when you visit towns. Meaning, you should do your research before visiting. So, I started thinking, what are some things that people have to check out in Nac when they come to visit?

  • 1

    Spend An Evening At Banita Creek Hall

    Make a trip out to the local dance hall. It doesn't really matter if you're a country music fan or not, the experience of being under the neon lights is worth the trip out. And, it's a plus if there happens to be a concert taking place.

  • 2

    Attend An SFA Sporting Event

    Football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, softball, etc. Any one of these is a must-see event while in Nacogdoches.

  • 3

    Visit The Brewery And/Or The Distillery

    Whether you're looking for a drink or not, these two locations provide the visitors with a lot of fun. Both the Fredonia Brewery and the Front Porch Distillery have awesome live music, and they bring in some great food truck options, too.

  • 4

    Visit The Farmers' Market

    Take the chance to wake up early one Saturday morning and go shop local in downtown Nac. Get some fresh produce, homemade fried pies, and some hand-made jewelry, and go about your day.

  • 5

    Take A Stroll Down The Lanana Creek Trail

    This is something that you need to take a few hours to really enjoy. Spend some time going through the different trails in the woods, cross the creek, and possibly even take some time to play a game of disc-golf at one of the parks on the trail!

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