As the most popular venue in a college town, you can expect to see all different kinds of people in on any given open night.

After being part of the "native Nacogdoches scene" for six years, I've been able to narrow down the types of people into the specific list below. Keep in mind, some of these people fit into multiple categories.

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    The Traditional Cowboy/Cowgirl

    These are the people that know how to handle themselves in the local dance hall. Whether they're there to dance or not, they carry themselves well.

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    The Fake Cowboy/Cowgirl

    Skinny jeans, affliction t-shirts, boots with fringe on them, etc. The list goes on and on.

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    The hipster

    This is one that's to definitely be expected in a college town.


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    The diva

    You know, that one friend that just gets way too dressed up to go, and doesn't even wear boots to the dance hall, choosing instead a pair of heels or something over the top like that...?


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    The Clueless One

    This is the friend that may or may not show up in appropriate attire, but they're just glad to be there. They might not even have been invited, they just showed up to find out what was going on.

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