Every now and then, we get some free time at the radio station. So, what do we do with it? Well, we browse the internet, of course! And when we browse the internet, we come across gems like the one from Reddit, that's the "Texas Starter Pack".

While this one is great and all, it still leave me with some questions. Like, why is there only a picture of the democratic donkey? And, one that's even better than that, why is the donkey stomping on H-E-B?

So, while there are some good points to this one, we decided to go one step further. We would like to introduce you to....THE NACOGDOCHES STARTER PACK!


There are DEFINITELY some things missing from this "starter pack," and this was mainly created to generate some laughs spliced in with a bit of truth.

Once you're ready to drive narrow roads, throw up the axe, and dance the night away in boots ... you'll be ready for the oldest town in Texas!

Let us know what is needed to make the Nac Pack better/funnier/more realistic, and make sure you click the link to the post that got us thinking about this stuff to begin with. Tell us your thoughts on that guy's Texas starter pack and let us know if you were confused as we were when you saw it.


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