A frantic search for bodies at a rural home in Liberty County turned out to be a wild goose chase.  It took only two phone calls from someone claiming to be a "psychic" to bring local, county, state and federal officers to the scene, along with dozens of news reporters, but they found nothing.

The tipster claimed there was a grave there with two dozen or more dismembered bodies, including those of children, but an exhaustive search proved pointless.

There was a foul odor in the air, but it was coming from some rotting meat in a broken deep freeze.


A Liberty County Sheriff's spokesman finally told reporters "There is no indication that there are in fact any bodies located at this residence or in the shed here," or anywhere on the property, and no indication that anything illegal had taken place there.

The Liberty County Sheriff says the so-called psychic seemed to know a lot of details about the house and the property, so he thought it was worth looking into. Unfortunately, word of the calls leaked to the media and launched a full blown news feeding frenzy.

The Sheriff says he knows who made the calls, and he's considering filing charges against her for making a false report to police.

The owner of the house is a long haul trucker and off in another state.  He expressed complete shock and amazement when told of what was happening back at his house.

For what it's worth, noted magician and paranormal debunker James Randi gives annual awards to the nation's best psychics, but he never releases their names to the media. Randi says if they're really "psychic" they know who they are.

Randi also wonders why telephone "psychics" have to ask you for your credit card number.

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