When you think brunch, what's the first food that pops into your mind?  Omelets, pancakes, and bacon are on every brunch buffet it seems, but there's something new that Texans are doing with avocados now that's getting a lot of attention.  And it's avocado sacrilege to some!

If you love runny eggs, this brunch idea might be your new favorite thing.  But for those of us that think eggs are meant to be scrambled or hard-boiled so there's no evidence that they were ever anything other than a solid, this popular brunch idea sounds kinda gross.

Insider says the Favorite Brunch Dish in Texas is the egg-stuffed avocado, which is basically an avocado sliced in half with an over-easy egg in the hole where the pit used to be.  There are lots of different variations on Pinterest, and most of them involve baking the dish at about 425 for 15 minutes or so, and you end up with nice little avocado boats with runny eggs in the middle, and salt, pepper, chives, and other spices on top.  Yum or yuck?  It probably depends on your egg texture requirements.  If you're not a fan of over easy, you're most likely wishing the avocados had saved themselves for some crunchy, salty chips.

We know that avocado toast is super popular, and that may or may not involve an egg.  Texans have always been pretty good with the chips and guacamole and avocados on tacos, and new variations of our beloved green fruit are popping up all the time.  At least it's good fat.

Where do you usually go for brunch?  IHOP, Cotton Patch, The Hole in One Cafe, and Cracker Barrel come to mind.  While we're on the hunt for more avocado dishes, we can count on them for waffles, pancakes, and cheesy omelets too.

If you're invited to bring a dish to a holiday brunch and you love runny eggs, this baked egg and avocado dish might be just the thing you need to impress everybody.  Besides, everything tastes great with chips.

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