While the comedians that showed up at Lufkin's 'The Laughing SPOT,' deserve our laughter and applause, Dan Nguyen, the man with the plan deserves even more applause for bringing something like this to our little town.

Walking into the Regal Events Venue brought back some memories for me, because it used to be a teen club called "The Stand." It was the only place Teen's could go and dance back in the 90's. It was one of the first times I DJ'ed in an actual club.  Mostly because I wasn't old enough to DJ in a real club yet. Some fond memories at that place, and I am so glad that it's getting used again for entertainment purposes.

They really knew what they were doing when they set the place up for a comedy show.

Check out our gallery below, and just know we didn't even capture a fraction of the fun we actually had at the Laughing SPOT. Follow them on Facebook, and don't miss another show.

If we're lucky, they can maybe have a comedy event like this once a month, and rumor has it, the next night of comedy will be on December 29th. Acts are still pending, but you might as well put some money aside and mark your calendars.