As we already told you, NBA Hall of Fame Legend Shaquille O'Neal has officically moved into North Texas into his beautiful new home to keep an eye on his expanding "Big Chicken" franchise. The big fella is already making an impact and making headlines since his arrival by just being a "good neighbor".

The Legend Was Spotted in A Dallas Area Best Buy Paying For A Family's Items

Over the 4th of July holiday, Shaq was at a local Best Buy shopping for electronics for his new Texas home when he chatted with a couple who were at the store to shopping for a new washing machine. Shaq took it upon himself to pull out his credit card and buy the couple the washing machine they wanted but also he brought them a 70 inch TV.

He Was Also Spotted Handing Out Food And Cash To The Less Fortunate




The four time NBA champ was also spotted just a few days later while out and about and noticed a woman down on her luck so Shaq went over and brought her a meal and gave her some cash as well. Folks might say that a lot of this is done for "the cameras" but Shaq has been known to do these kind of things when the cameras aren't on. As he settles into his new home in Carrollton, we're quite sure this won't be the last we're hear of Shaq's big giving!j

How About We Take a Quick Peek Inside Shaq's Beautiful New Dallas, TX Mansion?

He's one of the biggest guys to ever step foot on a basketball court, and has got one of the biggest hearts off of it. Television personality, entrepreneur, and NBA Hall of Famer, Shaquille O'Neal has moved to Dallas, TX, and we're ready to take a look at his new digs.

Shaq's Florida Mansion That He Sold For $11 Million

Shaq's moving to Texas but first he had to get rid of his Orlando, Florida estate which is considered one of the best homes in the WORLD according to Better Homes & Gardens. Let's take a look inside!

Former TJC Standout Jimmy Butler Buys Miami Mansion

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