The best haunted houses in Texas aren't necessarily the ones that creep you out and make you jump out of your skin.

Instead of the fear factor, it's the fun factor that makes a haunted house great.  And the best one in Texas is totally worth the 4-hour road trip.

The team at Frightfind scoured the country to find the haunted houses that are the most fun and looked at online chatter, social media, and customer reviews to get a sense of which haunted houses had the best buzz and the happiest customers (or victims as it may be).  Every haunt got a score, and based on that process they said the best haunted house in Texas sits in Austin.

Frightfind said House of Torment in Austin is one of the best-reviewed horror attractions in the entire country with great reviews from big-time sources like ABC News, the Travel Channel, USA Today, and MSN.  Have you been there?  I have not, and apparently, we're missing out.

The House of Torment has Hollywood-quality horror sets, including the Blackthorne Penitentiary with an abandoned prison wing that’s "subject to a deadly virus outbreak of grotesque proportions."  It's just makeup, it's just makeup.  But it looks like Freddy Krueger has the plague.  Prepare yourself.

And then there's the Darkest Dreams section.  What happens in that space stays in that space, and it's said to challenge your phobias to the absolute max when a demon entity pulls you into her nightmare.  Even those who think that the phrase "I can't even" is a bit overused might be using it here.  I can't even.

The third big attraction at House of Torment is called Trick or Treat, which seems innocent enough, but it involves three trick or treaters who entered the old Graveside Manor, uninvited, according to legend.  After stumbling across a cassette player and fiddling with that, they ended up possessed by an evil spirit, never to be seen again. Only their voices remain.  Probably on mp3 now, but still.

If this sounds good to you, get all the info HERE, and send us your reviews. It's all about the FUN, remember?  I'm sure it will be fine and not give you a stomach ache at all.

We'll keep the Halloween ideas coming.  Because it's fun!


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