As a parent, this story might make you crazy.  Who would weld razor blades to a children's slide at a city park?  It happened in a Texas city not too far away.

Some workers with the City of Huntsville Parks Department were out inspecting the playground equipment earlier this month, and found razor blades embedded in a slide with the help of some type of melting tool. They haven't said it happened over the 4th of July weekend, but they did find the razor blades on July 6 at Emancipation Park.

Fox 26 says the city is installing cameras at the parks to help identify suspects, and they're asking for anyone with tips to come forward and help with the investigation. Reporter Randy Wallace said on his Facebook page that razor blades were found at two city parks.

Parents who hear this story will probably never look at a plastic slide the same way again. Hopefully this is just an isolated case, and we won't ever have to talk to the kids about the ways that they could potentially injure themselves by having fun with their friends on the playground.

If you happen to have tips, contact the Huntsville Police Department at (936) 291-5480 or (936) 435-8001.

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