The rest of the country discovered something this year that Texans have known for a long time.  Queso is good.  On everything!

Lots of food trends popped up this year (some better than others) and Texas has been a trend setter in the process. offers some suggestions about the best food trends of the year, and putting queso on everything is one of the things that they think is a top idea.  Right on.  Maybe New Hampshire is finally catching on to this greatness, but Texans have been drizzling cheesy dip on everything from burritos to sandwiches to noodles for years and it's not really a trend to us.  Kind of like breathing air, it's something that just happens.

Other hot food trends from 2017 according to, include boozy ice cream, loaded cheesecake that's packed full of candy bits and chocolate fudge, and wine-fueled 5ks.  Chasing 3.1 miles of exercise with several ounces of vino makes for a pretty good Saturday.  Oh, and pickles!  People have come up with different pickle juice concoctions this year, bacon-wrapped pickles, and even pickle pasta.  Why not.

Among the worst food trends they suggest include, plant-based burgers, odd pizza toppings like candy corn and whole tacos, and too much dipping sauce for fries and nuggets and growing categories of veggies and crackers.  I don't know if dipping sauce abundance can be considered a bad trend.  Take Sriracha.  We'll put that stuff on everything from sushi to omelets, and it might even pair well with queso.

Texans might be happy with fewer unicorn drinks and super-sweet, over-the-top desserts, but restaurants can keep coming with the spicy and cheesy creations and 2018 will be awesome too.  And count on us for plenty more food news.  We love it!

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