Here in Texas, we LOVE Christmas. We love everything about it. And every year, we have a routine that we HAVE to go through. We don't consider it Christmastime until we've completed the list below.

  • Whataburger via Facebook
    Whataburger via Facebook

    Whataburger Gift Cards Are In Our Stockings

    No, this list isn't sponsored by Whataburger. We just love how "Texas" it is, and how most of us can get behind loving the same thing.

    Sure ... Memaw can send us home with leftovers of pecan pie and Christmas ham, but if she really wants to keep us fed until our next visit, she knows to slip the gift card into the stocking.

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    We Shoot Down Our Own Mistletoe With A Rifle

    Shoot it down! We aren't trying to get in trouble like all those Hollywood types.

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    Too Many Trees

    It ain't Christmas until we realize we've driven past thousands...No, MILLIONS of evergreen trees, only to come home to find one in our house for the month.

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    Our Brand of Music

    It's ain't Christmas in Texas until we've gotten all our CDs of our favorite Country stars singing their versions of the holiday hits.

    Not to mention "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"

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    Texas Traditions

    We can't start Christmas until we've visited Rudolph The Red-Nosed Pumping Unit In Lufkin and/or Santaland In Tyler

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    Snacks Done Texas Style

    Stock up on Christmas gifts by visiting a Buc-ee's.

    We thought we saw one in Louisiana once, but apparently Buc-ee's is a Texas only staple ... for now.

    Grab your fudge, jerky, candies, and bacon wrapped quail eggs, and start spreading the joy.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Let's Get Dangerous

    Now's our chance to purchase ALL the fireworks we'll need for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, And New Year's!

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    True Texas Values

    It's probably only in Texas when a local radio station will stop playing the hits to bring traditional Christmas music to their listeners non-stop.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Too Cold To Function

    The high temperatures can actually be below 65 degrees for three consecutive days, and while that sounds fine for most the world. We tend to shut everything down and stay inside. Feels like Christmas to us!

    While it may be super rare that we actually get any snow, you still may see people bundled up like the girl in this picture.

  • Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    We ain't PC

    It's not a Christmas in Texas until we felt we've done our part to fight the good fight against the "war on Christmas."

    If you say "Happy Holidays," or "Merry X-mas," to a true Texan, you better be ready to hear an earful or a politely passive aggressive "MERRY CHRISTMAS," in return.

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