Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott says he supports last week's federal appeals court decision that upheld the constitutionality of the annual National Day of Prayer.  Abbott did more than just support the Day of Prayer.  He helped defend it in court.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed suit against President Barack Obama last summer, claiming the federally mandated National Day of Prayer is a government endorsement of religion, and therefore, unconstitutional.


The government appealed, and the appeals court reversed the ruling, saying the 1952 federal law that established the National Day of Prayer "imposes duties on the President alone. It does not require any private person to do anything – or for that matter to take any action in response to what the President proclaims.”

Abbott was one of a number of state attorneys general who wrote amicus --friend-of-the-court -- briefs urging the appeals court to overturn the ruling, which it did this week.  In a statement from his Austin office, Abbott said the ruling is "an important victory for religious liberties."

The appeals court ruling is certain to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  FYI:  Despite the rumors, President Barack Obama has never canceled the National Day of Prayer. He signs the Prayer Day proclamation every year.

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