Keep those little ones entertained, hit the road to Grapevine, Texas. This place is going to quickly become a mecca for all things Peppa. If your kid is crazy for Peppa Pig cartoons, they are going to be in hog heaven. This is a part of our featured day trips story line. Places close enough to East Texas to go, and still end up in your own bed by the end of the day.

Peppa Pig World of Play for the DFW area is opening up next month at Grapevine's Mills. This is a huge place, a 14,000 square feet indoor play facility, based on everyone's favorite swine. It includes 14 differently themed play areas, one of which I am sure, will be a mud puddle to your liking.

Peppa Pig World of Play

This will be the first Peppa Pig themed play park in the United States, and it's only the second one in the world. The other one is in Shanghai, China. I am pretty proud that they are bringing the second one to our area of the globe. I am also stoked that it's inside. Here in Texas, it's usually nice weather. But this way they will be guaranteed visitors year round.

Peppa Pig World of Play-2

It only takes 3 hours at the most each way for this one. Leaving you a couple of hours to play, and then put them back in the car, to watch some more Peppa Pig. It might be the quietest ride home ever. This place will wear them out for sure.

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