New Dog Laws
Maybe you've driven by a house and seen a dog outside chained to a tree or a stake.  That situation would become illegal under a new bill before Texas lawmakers, in certain situations.
Is This The Dumbest Law in Texas?
It's something I can safely say you will never do, and it involves your eyeball.  But just in case you're thinking about it, I'll mention that it's illegal, and I"ll save you some time in court.
If You Don’t Buckle Up in Texas, It Can Cost You
The annual Click It or Ticket campaign starts soon, meaning officers will be focused on passing out tickets to those of us that head down the road without seat belts fastened.
The dates cover Memorial Day - one of the busiest and most dangerous weekends to be out on the highway.
New Texas Law Means One Sticker On Your Windshield
It's March, and that means that new Texas law has just gone into effect which will lead to just one sticker on your windshield instead of two.
The state inspection sticker is going away, and you'll just get one registration sticker the next time you renew.

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