Texas Could Have Another Brutal Flu Season This Year
If you made it through the last flu season without missing a day of work or school, you're one of the few.

The flu vaccine that was supposed to keep us from getting sick was only 36 percent effective last time around, but the CDC says they've tweaked it to be more effective this year. H…
No Texans Have Gotten Sick Yet in Romaine Lettuce Recall
Pre-chopped romaine lettuce is part of a huge recall right now over fears about E.coli, and some people have had to be hospitalized and a few even have kidney failure. But no Texans fallen ill yet after eating it.

The package in your fridge will list one specific growing area that's the big c…
Study: West Nile Might do Lasting Damage
As scary as the West Nile Virus sounds, it's a fact that at least 80 percent of people who get it don't know they have it.  Until recently, it was believed that most people who do contract West Nile fever recover and that's the end of it. The Houston Chronicle reports doctors at …

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