Well, it's Super Bowl weekend. Some are excited. Some don't care. Some are looking for other activities for the day. Some even want the Monday after to be a national holiday. Here are some interesting statistics about one of the biggest annual events in American sports. Please keep in mind that I cannot attest to the reliability of these statistics, I just found them on the internet and thought I'd pass them along.

1- Only about 67% of us will actually watch the game. Actually, that's a pretty high percentage, but still leaves nearly a third of us looking for something else to do.

2- Most of those paying attention to the game want the Rams to win, about 42%. 29% want the Patriots to win. The remaining 29% will be watching for the commercials and really don't care who wins.

3- Only 32% of the people who plan to watch are looking forward to the halftime show. That's gotta be a big blow to the egos of this year's performers. That would be ... Um ... Oh, yeah ... Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi. Meanwhile country music icon Tim McGraw will be doing a show at the pregame tailgate party. That sounds like a lot more fun to me.

4- 34% of the people who watch the game have fallen asleep while doing so. Yup, that's me. Guilty as charged. I've been known to nod off and wake up halfway through the 4th quarter wondering what I missed. Probably the halftime show.

5- It's estimated that collectively, people will spend about $158 million on the Super Bowl this year. While that wouldn't make much of a dent in our national debt it is a pretty big chunk of change.

6- The average ticket price through a reseller like StubHub is $7,166. That's actually down about $100 from last year. If you gave me $7,000 to play with, going to the Super Bowl wouldn't even make my top 100 list.

7- 69% of those who consider themselves Super Fans said they wear something lucky on game day. That includes the 1 in 5 who say they wear lucky underwear! Hopefully they were fresh from the laundry and not in the pile waiting to be washed.

8- 1 in 8 Super Fans say they would divorce their spouse if it meant a Super Bowl title for their favorite team. Say it isn't so!

9- About 29% of the people polled said they thought the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday. What would you call it, Stupor Monday?

10- Even though only 29% think the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday, a full 40% say they expect to show up late or call in sick on Monday. Keep an eye on your coworkers and you'll be able to spot who falls into this category.

There ya go, some random bits of info about this weekend's big game. I hope your team wins! We'll talk about the commercials on Monday. If I don't fall asleep and miss them.

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