January is almost over, and it's probably a good time to start looking into summer plans. Sure, there's plenty of things that we can find to do here, but if you're willing to drive a bit, you get that many more opportunities.

One of those opportunities is the Republic Of Texas Biker Rally in Austin. It's held at the Travis County Expo Center, and that's less than four hours away. This year's rally will be taking place June 13th - June 16th.

The R.O.T. Rally was an event that I attended for the first time back in high school, and it was AWESOME! We saw thousands of motorcycles, famous tattoo artists, Twisted Sister in concert, and so much more.

This year, for the 24th anniversary, it's looking to be awesome, too! And, since it's not too bad of a drive, it's something to put on your summer bucket list!

For more info about the R.O.T. Rally, you can check out their website, here.

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