So...basically everybody is on AT LEAST one of them. We get our strange fixes from them. Whether we actually use them for what they're intended for, we're still on them. That's right, I'm talking about those Facebook classified pages. The ones where people can sell their old junk, their "priceless gems", or they can try to trade for something of equal or lesser value.

I personally am on about five or six different pages like these, even though I've never actually purchased an item off of them. There's always a chance that you might actually find something worth purchasing, right?

It seems that every time I scroll through, I see at least one item that really catches my attention. That's not always a positive thing. I mean, yes, sometimes the thought comes through that an item is really awesome, and worth looking into. However, there are those items that make you go, "Really...? Why is that even here...?" Well, friends, this article is for THOSE items.

Doll house

We start off with a dollhouse. Nothing really surprising there, right? Until you consider the source. This dollhouse can be found on the page 'East Texas Man Junk'. When I think of that title - MAN JUNK - I think of things such as...oh, I don't know, car parts, tools, workout equipment. Shoot, even video games go here. But a dollhouse....? Not so much.


This next one has a couple of problems with it. First off, it's a spare tire. ONE. SPARE. TIRE. I mean yes, you may find the occasional person who is just in need of one spare to have, "just in case," but other than that, one tire isn't going to do much good.

The second thing about the tire post is that it was found on 'Deep East Texas Land, Home, and Rentals'. I'll let the title of the page sink in a bit. Where does a single $50 spare tire fit in? Yeah, I couldn't really think of how it worked, either.

Those are the two strange Facebook finds for today, but be looking for more posts like this one in the future as I continue to browse through these Facebook groups. Also, please feel free to send us your strange Facebook finds.

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