The last time around, Pokemon Go invaded East Texas with hundreds of people looking for characters, and police had to issue a warning about resisting the urge to trespass looking for Pikachu.

Now there's a special new Halloween version of Pokemon Go coming that starts today, and here are the details.

The creators say you'll have the chance to earn more candy during this Halloween-based Pokemon, and you'll get double rewards for catching new pokémon and transferring them to the professor.  And, the word is, you'll encounter more of the spookiest Pokemon, dressed for Halloween.

This new in-game event starts Wednesday (today) and runs through November 1st.

It's been three months since the Pokemon madness hit over the summer, and they're looking for ways to keep us interested.  And it just might work.  Mom and Dad have to be out there on the streets anyway while the kids are trick-or-treating, so we might as well pick up the phone and catch some Drowzees and Zubats while we're trolling neighborhoods.

Are you into it?  Good luck!

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