Created by Anton Wallén, is a game for geography nerds, people who think technology is really awesome, and anyone else who happens to love fun. Do you love fun? Of course you do, dummy.

Completely integrated into Google Street View, Geoguessr has two sentences of instructions: Look at the area and figure out where you are. Click anywhere to start playing. Once you do, an image loads from Street View and your job is to explore the area. Travel down roads and through alleys to try to figure out where you are using signs, topography, and other visual clues.

When I was introduced to the game last week, I instantly became self conscious about my geographical knowledge. I quickly confessed to having only very recently memorized the location of all 50 states, because I like to embarrass myself as quickly and completely as possible, rather than let it leak out over time.

Great news: It doesn't actually matter, because this game uses real life problem solving skills, and sometimes even the weird stuff in your brain you assumed was useless. For instance, just from looking at the people on the side of the road, I would be able to figure out if my location was anywhere between Delaware and Virginia, because they have "DelMarVa Face." I'll explain later.

Once you think you know, click on the map on the right, and zoom in until you find the place you'd like to guess. You'll be scored on how close you are to the location. One time we guessed down to the right city. However, one time we guessed Canada, when it was Spain. Whoops.

This game is fun and addicting, and will make you smarter. It also helps if you're a broke writer with a mean wanderlust streak. Follow Geoguessr on Twitter, because it's a safe bet they'll be making even cooler stuff, before you know it.

Geoguessr Game

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