In a clear signal that the times they really are a’ changin’, it’s reported that more and more physicians are closing their private practices and moving into larger health care systems.

A survey by Accenture indicates that by 2013, fewer than one-third of all U.S. physicians will be in private practice. Two thirds will be working in a hospital.

Physicians who were surveyed say hospital-based practices have a lot of attractive benefits, starting with relief from the headaches of administrative responsibilities.

They don't have to deal with insurance companies, they have more access to leading health care information technology tools, better facilities and equipment, stability, and best of all, they get a more manageable work week.

If this survey is any indication, within two years, two out of every three physicians who’re still working will be a hospital employee, and loving it.
Here's a link to a report on the survey on the Accenture website:

via Accenture Newsroom: Physician Employment Trends Will Force Payers, Hospitals and Vendors to Revise Business Strategies, According to Accenture Survey.