KTBS is reporting that a former Assistant Manager of the Zips Car Wash in Shreveport off North Market Street is claiming the Manager ordered employees to dump wastewater on the Cambridge Court Apartments behind them. Andre Woods is the former manager speaking out.  Woods record a phone call with someone he alleges is the Car Wash manager named Bryan Fields. On the recording, you can hear Woods being told, "If we can just run it down to the apartments until it drains out, and we'll do it again another day."

Woods told KTBS that the wastewater contains a toxic mix of mercury, sulfuric acid, and ammonia. Woods said when corporate in Little Rock was told about the issue they replied with basically let us know if it keeps happening.

Woods says the reason he suspects it's an act of revenge is that the manager tells them of stories when he delivered pizzas and the kids at those apartments spit on him.

I reached out to the car wash and they said they do not have any statement or comment at this time.

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