So far, the Valentine Getaway ideas have been San Antonio and New Orleans. Both of those are a lot of fun, and #3 has the potential to be just as good.

For the next getaway idea, consider looking into Texas Hill Country. It doesn't really matter which towns in particular. I mean, there's Fredericksburg, Dripping Springs, Johnson City, and so many more to choose from.

But, take the time to do some Valentine's Day sight-seeing. Check out things like the Pedernales River, stop and sample some of the vineyards that are all over the area, visit the local shops in the towns.

No, you're probably not going to find some super-fancy restaurants, or lavish evening events, but if you're looking for a getaway for you and that special someone that is going to be just as much fun, I highly recommend checking out Hill Country.

Well, now we have three down, but we're not done yet. Be sure to keep checking in for more getaway ideas, and feel free to leave your own ideas in the comment section below!

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