According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending will reach an all-time record at 9.1 Billion dollars. Adults will spend 42% more than their children on Halloween costumes.

What is causing so many adults to go all out for Halloween festivities? Is it the ability to be creative and take on a new identity for the night? Are we so stressed out with work we want an escape? Are we just bored with our regular lives and this is something to look forward to?

I have been a guest to 3 different costume parties and those are the only times I have looked for a costume to wear for Halloween. I don't go for the cute and sexy look, is a meatball with legs cute? Didn't think so. I opted for Paula Dean and made my friend a stick of butter. She was my butter half, and unfortunately, we didn't win the $20 Starbucks gift card that was awarded for the best costumes.


According to the New York Post, adults should celebrate Halloween by leaving the dressing up to the kids. What do you think? Should adults keep dressing up for Halloween?

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