Turns out the secret to scoring a second date is making sure you share a dessert during the first date. I have so many friends who swear that scoring a second date is much more difficult than scoring the initial date.

As it turns out the key to a successful first date isn't doing something crazy extravagant. Don't go hardcore on the booze instead ask to see the dessert menu. According to a new study out of England, when couples share dessert on a first date, they are twice as likely to share dessert again on a second date. 93% of couples who fed each other dessert wanted to get together again compared to the 43% of couples that didn't enjoy a dessert together.

Before you think about ordering dessert for each of you, remember it's the act of sharing the dessert that makes you feel like you have chemistry. Personally, I cringe at the thought of someone feeding me, but that's the sweet spot when it comes to making a connection.

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