Think back to January 2018. We posted a story about a Lufkin man named Troy James Allison that made the Texas Most Wanted List. He made that fugitive list for "Failure To Register As A Sex Offender, Parole Violation". If you don't remember, you can check out the original post by clicking on the link below:

Well, East Texas...James Troy Allison is still on the Texas Fugitives Still Wanted list on the Texas Department of Public Safety website. His last known address was at 407 East Jodie Avenue in Downtown Lufkin. His original offenses?  Aggravated Rape and Indecency with a Child. Here's his mugshot and description from the Texas DPS website:

Mark Cunningham

Yes, that is a reward notice for $2,000 for his capture. However, he is considered armed and dangerous, so you should proceed with caution...actually, please just call the authorities if you see him.

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