On Thursday, June 14th, a little after 6 PM, a truck crashed into our KICKS 105 backyard generator.

There's not much that is known, since we were mainly trying to make sure the guy was okay, and once the police arrived we gave them space to do their thing, but we had to snap a few pictures of the damage.

These pictures were taken by our sister station's (KFOX) DJ, Dan Patrick along with a video taken right after the crash.


Dan Patrick retells the whole ordeal into words most fitting for a police report;

I was sitting at the station. I heard tired squealing, which isn't to out of the ordinary. This time was different, and it didn’t stop. I finally checked out the window, when I see a red truck driving through the backyard at the station. I was frazzled thinking that the truck had hit the adjacent control room filled with Danny Merrell. A loud boom sounded as I went out the control room door to check. Danny was fine, and I asked him to call the police, cause it’s always normally me. I see through the lobby doors, a red single cab 97ish model Silverado with black wheels. Smoke from the recently deployed airbags filled the cab. I make it to the back door, and another motorists had also made their way to the vehicle. A young man, dazed and bleeding slightly from blunt trauma to the forehead was leaned up against the vehicle. That's when the police began to take control of the situation." ~ Dan Patrick, Townsquare Media

We'll update this story when we learn more from any police reports. Right now we're just thankful no one was any more seriously injured than the driver's injuries sustained.

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