Changes to Lufkin's Target has left it completely different, hopefully poised for the next generation of retail. Smelling Starbucks right when you walk in is a good start.

It has taken some time, but by looking at these pictures the Lufkin Target store's transformation is complete. Even the outside, ever so subtly changed to be more inviting, with new logos and paint scheme. This continues when you walk through the store, as you can tell there are fewer items, wider isles, and a really nice flow to everything.

But negotiating it for the first time after the change can be a little challenging. The Beauty section is where the CD's and Books used to be. They still have books and CD's, they are where the Toys used to be. Toys are all the way back in the back. Selection in the toy section was one of the first things I noticed that was really scaled back. Everything looks different, but they really haven't moved that much.

So if you haven't been to Target in awhile, hope this helps out on where to find everything in the store. Luckily the bathrooms are still in the same place, so after I have my Grande, it's close to the Starbucks.

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