I'm not sure if I have to state my credentials each time I write something about BBQ. I hope that if you live in East Texas, you've heard of me by now, and know I'm not just blowing smoke up  whistlin' dixie when I give advice on how to become a grill master.

This top 10 gift guide doesn't have to be just for the holidays. These 'must have' grill items are practical and will step your BBQ game up big time.

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    A Digital Thermometer

    A digital thermometer is my number one suggestion “must have” for anyone who loves to smoke or grill. With models that range from $30 to $100, you can find one for every budget.

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    Grill Grates

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    Handy Flame Propane Torch

    Never wonder how to start your fire again. Guarantee speed and reliability with the right tools. The Handy Flame propane torch uses the very affordable Coleman bottles as fuel and is a perfect barbecue companion.

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    Food Vacuum Sealer

    Big cook or small, you want to preserve leftovers. A Food Saver vacuum sealer will save food and money.

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    Grill Gloves

    Affordable and practical, high heat gloves allow you to manage your fire safely without a box full of tools.

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    Insulated Food Carrier


    Brisket… this is when you realize the importance of “holding” at a safe temperature. An Insulated food carrier can be as basic as an Igloo ice chest that you pick up for under $20, or a professional food service unit for up to $600. This box does the trick for less than a premium cooler.

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    Boning Knife

    Knives are a very important tool when it comes to BBQ. The thing to remember is you really only need three basic knives. A flexible boning knife, a chef knife and a slicing knife.

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    Chef Knife

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    Slicing Knife

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    Knife Sharpener

    Dull knives are dangerous knives. Now that you have the necessary tools, be sure they are ready to work. This knife sharpener is top quality and a great value.

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    This one is just for me.

    Take your tailgating to a professional level! If you are shopping for me, color doesn’t matter.