Random question: Have you ever stopped to think about where Santa would hang out if he were in Nacogdoches?

These are the kinds of things that cross my mind on a daily basis. I don't know why, but it's just the kind of thing that intrigues me. Being a Nacogdoches resident myself, these are the places I came up with.


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    Banita Creek Hall

    You should've known that Santa was a fan of music AND dancing. Naturally, we'd see him at the dance hall on a regular basis.

  • via Google Maps
    via Google Maps

    Pecan Park

    I'm sure Santa likes to go to the park and walk the Lanana Creek Trail, just like you do. Plus, I hear he plays a mean game of disc-golf...

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    No, he wouldn't be looking for any particular store downtown. He'd be visiting them all, just moseying down the brick streets.

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    Come on, you knew this was coming. When coming through town, he HAS to stop for Whataburger...usually, it's in the morning for that honey butter biscuit...

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    Stephen F. Austin State University

    You know that Santa isn't going to go through Nacogdoches without stopping at SFA...when he's not decked out in red for the holidays, I'm sure he's repping purple, and proclaiming "Axe 'Em, Jacks!" all over the North Pole.

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