The Sales Tax Holiday is only once each year, typically during "back-to-school" time, but it's designed to give all taxpayers an 8.25 percent break when it comes to certain types of purchases.

For the Political Science majors out there, the legislation is simply defined as Senate Bill 485, and appears to have floating dates attached, hence this year, August 9th through 11th are the days to save.

Now, there are a few stipulations (you knew this was coming, right?) to familiarize yourself with, otherwise, you could still be paying sales tax.  Clothing and footwear are exempt.  The new fishing pole is not!  Backpacks and school supplies are exempt. Charcoal for the grill is not!  Plus, any item ticketed at $100 or higher is still subject to sales tax.

What it boils down to, is saving eight bills and a quarter, for each C-note spent.  So, getting carried away to the tune of $1,000 in spending, by purchasing correctly, you would save yourself $82.50!

And get this, there are some stores that will be offering discounts in addition to the states' good will, meaning this could be great time to grab some new duds!

The 'holiday' has been around since 1999.

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