Scott Olson/Getty Images

There are plenty of new vehicles on the road, but the average age of cars, trucks, and SUV's is higher than you might think.  We're driving our cars longer.

My 2009 SUV is almost paid off, and I'm planning to celebrate that soon and then drive it til the wheels fall off!  More and more people are choosing to have no car payment and are keeping their vehicles longer.

What's the average age among the vehicles on the road?

NBC News has the Polk research findings that the average age is 11.4 years - older than ever.  If you're driving a 2002 car, you're average!  In my family we have an '04 and an '09.  And we just may have them for 11. 4 years by the time we trade them in.

The numbers could show we're trying to save money by keeping our vehicles longer.  It could also mean manufacturers are making cars, trucks, and SUVs to last longer.