We have good news and -- maybe some bad news -- for some Angelina County home and land owners.  The good news is that the Angelina County Appraisal District says property values are finally going up - instead of down.  The bad news is that rising property values also mean higher property taxes.


Everybody likes to see the value of their house or land go up, because they can get a better price for it if they're looking to sell.  But since ad valorem property taxes are based on the property's fair market value, the owners will pay higher taxes on it, whether it's on the market or not.

Steve Knight of the Lufkin News reports the Chief Appraiser hopes to have the new tax rolls certified by the 20th of this month. People who disagree with their appraisal can protest to the Appraisal District Review Board.  Hundreds protests are filed every year, and  many are resolved to the property owner's satisfaction, more or less.

People who don't like the way the Appraisal District does its job have the right to go over the Board's head and complain to the local elected officials who appoint the Board.

If the elected officials won't listen, people should use their right to vote and elect officials who will listen. Voters do, after all, have the final say.  But only when they vote.