Much like people, dogs have specific ways that they show their affection.

How do you show love to someone? Have you ever thought about that? According to marriage counselor Gary Chapman, there are five ways that humans express love. These are The Five Love Languages and they include quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, or giving gifts. Gary believes that if you know how you show love and how your partner shows love, then you are more likely to have a successful marriage.

Maybe we should apply that same ideology to our pets?

A canine genetics company called Wisdom Health recently researched how different breeds of dogs show affection. While they determined that these love languages are typically based on breed, you can easily just watch your dog and see the ways he or she loves you and others.

Here are the five canine love languages...

1. Wagging their tail - if you have a dog that is typically very calm, but every so often they wag their tail (like when you come home from work) then they are definitely saying "I love you."

2. Shadowing you - my dog Oliver (pictured above) follows me everywhere in the house. I always thought he was just needy, but as it turns out, he showing me his love. Wisdom Health says this comes from a dog's natural wolf-pack mentality.

3. Licking you - if you've even thought a dog licking you was a similar to kissing, you are on to something. Whether they are grooming you or just trying to tell you they're hungry, it's love.

4. Leaning on you/sitting on your lap - going back to those wolf-pack instincts, Wisdom Health says touch is a sign of affection. A dog who leans on you, sits on your lap, rests his nose or pay on you is showing you love.

5. Playing with you - when dogs play, they form bonds with those whom they are playing with. This can be with other dogs or with their human family. Whether it's playing fetch or play wrestling, this demonstrates a loving bond.

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