The Ellen Trout Zoo is happy to receive donations of leftover Christmas trees. Many of the Zoo animals enjoy these trees; it's a great way to re-purpose them after the holiday. The Ellen Trout Zoo wants the used trees to enrich the animal habitats, just drop off your tree at the zoo to be part of the program.

The tree has to be free of all decorations, and never been flocked. Drop off your tree at either the Ellen Trout Zoo admission area or the administration building, and workers at the zoo will put the trees in some of the animal habitats.

So while some people are taking their fake trees up into the attic, you can just put yours in the back of the truck, and help some zoo animals feel more at home. Live trees were more expensive than ever this year, so I am glad to see them getting some use after the big day. Next year remember the zoo is open every day, all the animals have to eat. So even on Christmas you can check them out. Some of the animals were even given gifts to unwrap with treats inside.

For more information, call the Ellen Trout Zoo at (936) 633-0399.

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