With Thanksgiving around the corner, ever since I arrived to East Texas, I've been hearing about Greenberg Turkey and their delicious turkeys that folks come from miles around to pickup during the upcoming holiday. It looks like my hopes for getting one of those delicious turkeys have been ruined thanks to a fire over the weekend.

According to KLTV, its being reported that an explosion took place in the processor and freezer building of the Greenburg Turkey facility. According to a post on the Greenberg Turkey Facebook page, the fire was catastrophic and have destroyed the company's ability to ship turkeys this season.


As we shared previously, there has been a catastrophic fire at our shipping facility. Both our inventory and our ability...

Posted by Greenberg Smoked Turkeys on Sunday, November 8, 2020


The facebook post went on to add that the company will be refunding all orders set to deliver after November 6th and apologized for any inconvenience.

Heartbreaking and it couldn't have happened at a worst time, but we still give thanks that it wasn't a total loss and no one was injured.

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