Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas have filed a federal lawsuit to block the state of Texas from excluding their health centers from the Medicaid Women's Health Program.

The lawsuit asks the court to enjoin the state from enforcing a rule that closes the Medicaid program to any clinic affiliated with an abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood clinics are the only ones affected by the rule.

Gov. Rick Perry has said the state will find the funding to continue the Women's Health Program on its own, outside of Planned Parenthood.

via Planned Parenthood sues over cuts - Houston Chronicle

Planned Parenthood clinics that provide abortions in Texas are geographically and legally separate from those that offer other services.

The Lufkin Planned Parenthood Center does not provide abortions, but it does refer women seeking abortions to a Planned Parenthood clinic where abortions are performed.;