A transgender woman was arrested in Miami for performing medical procedures without a license. She’s also charged with causing great bodily harm cause by her phony enhancement procedures, where she injected a mixture containing Fix-A-Flat, a tire inflator and sealant, into her patients.

On Friday, police finally caught up with Oneal Ron Morris after investigating a botched buttocks enhancement procedure that has left at least one woman injured, unwell and drowning in medical bills. The unnamed woman paid Morris $700 for injections that were supposed to lift her rear end in May of 2010. The procedure took place in the living room of Morris’ townhouse and was so painful that the woman made Morris stop the process and left before it was complete.

She then went to three different hospitals for treatment, but was too embarrassed to tell them the real story until she ended up at Tampa General Hospital. Doctors called the state health department when tests done on the woman revealed that she had been injected with a combination of Fix-A-Flat, cement, mineral oil and super glue.

Police have been searching for Morris for more than a year. They decided to return to the home of the “doctor” one more time and actually found Morris there. They were shocked by Morris’ appearance and described her as having a derriere the size of a “truck tire,” wondering if she had been a victim of her own enhancement mixture.

Morris faces second degree felony charges.

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