A retirement community in Pasadena is the first facility in Texas to install a high tech security system that's right out of Science-Fiction. It uses facial recognition and biometrics to identify residents and employees, and it remembers the faces and voices of outsiders coming and going from the complex.

It's called the SafeRise Security System, and it's similar to the futuristic but fictitious system portrayed in the 2001 movie The Minority Report.  In that film, Tom Cruise, leader of an elite police force, walks into a high-security building, stares into a tiny camera-like device and passes through the door.

The story, written by Phillip K. Dick, was pure science fiction when it was written in 1956, but it's becoming a reality in 2011.  A security system very much like the one in the movie has been installed at the Pasadena Interfaith Manor, a retirement community and apartment complex.

The Interactive Video Security system developed by the Israeli company FST21 recognizes facial construction, behavioral traits and vocal features.

It keeps a close watch on residents and employees, and it screens outsiders so only those with valid reasons for being there are allowed in.  Once a visitor is allowed to enter, the system "remembers" him or her for future reference.

via A security system with sci-fi effects - Your Houston News: News.

FST21 was founded by the former head of Israeli Military Intelligence, and it develops high tech security systems for governmental, commercial and residential buildings.