We've all seen the vacant buildings. You know, the ones that once held our favorite - or perhaps least favorite restaurants. The only thing left is the empty shell of what used to be a food establishment. 

You drive down University Drive or North Street, and you're sure to see several of these buildings sitting by the roadway. A few of them promise new establishments coming soon. The site of what used to be Mazzio's is one of these. In the picture below, you can barely see the "Taco Casa" sign, but it is there, promising that the Mexican food restaurant is coming soon.


Other buildings are less promising, giving vague future details such as "Closed for Remodel". The previous Wendy's building, located next to the SFA campus, is one of those, even though we've heard rumors of new, different establishments.


And finally, there are the restaurants that left without any kind of promise, or even a hint of returning. A couple of them are below.


Nacogdoches is changing, there's no denying that. But what's next? Have you heard rumors of new things coming in? Or maybe, just maybe, you're one of the ones that STARTED those rumors. Let us know what you think might be moving in to replace some of these, what you KNOW is coming in, or even what you would like to see in Nac at some point in the near future.

I mean, we can't just leave this stuff vacant and abandoned, can we?


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