Don't go over the speed limit. Don't kick the neighbors' dog. Don't break into that house. Don't spray paint the water tower. I mean, these are a few common sense things that - if you follow them - you won't get into trouble. You won't be breaking the law for speeding, criminal mischief, trespassing, etc. However, there are a few things that aren't down in writing that I, quite honestly, think should find their way into the rules and laws.

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    No Christmas Decorations Before Thanksgiving

    This is a pet peeve of mine. Yes, there is indeed a holiday between Halloween and Christmas...THANKSGIVING. It gets forgotten because of it's location in the calendar. If you're one of those that thinks that waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate won't give you enough need to chill out.

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    No Politics On Social Media

    Local or national, it doesn't really matter. If you're campaigning on Facebook, you need to stop.

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    No Using The Express Lane If You Have More Than 10 Items

    Sure, the signs are up, but that doesn't mean that people won't ignore them. Adding a few consequences might make a trip to the store more bearable for those of us that follow the rules.

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    No Squeaky Shoes In Public

    Remember the article I published last week about wishing those toddler shoes with the built-in squeakers hadn't been invented? Well, since we can't "un-invent" them, let's at least not have them in public, shall we?

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    No Talking In The Phone While In The Checkout Line

    For the sanity, not only of the other shoppers, but also for the workers, wait to take or make that phone call until after you check out...

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