Something small happened way back in 1885, and we barely hear one word about it, even though there is one day each year that is dedicated to this one reference point.

On June 14, 1885, a 19 year old school teacher named Bernard Cigrand, placed a 38 star flag in a bottle on his desk.  The flag itself was only ten inches long.  He then asked his pupils to write an essay about the flag and its significance.

This is in essence, how Flag Day emerged.  President Wilson, issued a proclamation in 1916 calling for the nation to observe Flag Day.  In 1949, President Truman, made it law.

When all was done, Cigrand’s many years of devotion finally paid off and his dream realized, so proudly hang the stars and stripes outside your home or business on Friday, June 14, in commemoration of "National Flag Day".

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