I met Jason when I first moved to East Texas and he looked like a biker back then. In fact, he was a biker, complete with long hair and sleeveless muscle shirts. When I would see him around town, even the muffler on my pickup got quieter when he passed: we didn't want to make this tough looking biker dude mad. Just like most bikers, when I got to know him, I found out he was one of the nicest people around. He was always doing good deeds for the less fortunate.

These days, Jason, looks more like Si from Duck Dynasty: happy, happy, happy. He drives a tiny Subaru fitted out like a miniature motor home complete with refrigerator, storage, camping supplies, and a bed for his tiny dog Charlotte.

Jason at the ripe old age of seventy has a dream now. He has always loved NASCAR and his driver of choice is Jimmy Johnson, #48. Jason's plan is to go and experience all the NASCAR races in the 2014 season, living the life of a nomad race fan,until Jimmy Johnson wins another championship.

The problem is the money needed to  follow his dream, and that's how I hope the fans of KSFA can help. Jason will take any size donation to help make his dream come true, but for $48.00 (Jimmy Johnson's car number 48), you can sign Jason's car with your own message or put a sticker on it to promote your business or charity. I think this will be lots of fun and will also help promote the good will of East Texas as Jason travels over the country from race to race.

To reach Jason and offer your support, give him a call at 936-244-1400 and tell him I sent you.

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