It was fun while it lasted, but finding that surprise 5-dollar bill in the pocket of some old jeans is becoming more rare.  Lots of Texans are opting not to carry any cash at all, and if we do it's probably less than $25.  Wanna know how to get more?

How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?  I glanced this week and I had $14 after tipping the lady that does my nails, and buying the kids a kolache.  It seems like most of us in Texas carry cash for tips and little things, but we don't use cash as a means to live.  We buy the bigger things with plastic.

According to a new survey by Capital One, 1 in 4 people don't carry any cash at all, and it's a higher rate with Millennials.  About 41 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 35 say carrying cash is "inconvenient" and not necessary.  Might as well put that $5 Starbucks purchase on the plastic.

Of the people that do carry cash, it's usually $25 or less.  (Like $14 just in case you get a craving for a kolache.)  Some folks even think cash as a currency will go away completely in the next few years, but I have serious doubts about that, don't you?  Cash has a purpose if you need to pay the babysitter, gain admission into a festival and buy some drinks, or meet the requests of kids that are always asking for twenty bucks.  Some cash is good.  And it's really run to find the extra ten bucks in your pants when you're not expecting it.

And you can win a whole bunch of cash, right here!  Keep listening for those code words three times a day, and enter them here on the website for your chance to win up to $5000.  And then you can decide whether you want to sock it away in the bank and draw it out with plastic, or put the whole wad in your pocket.  Both options would feel good.  Good luck.

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