If you are a huge Star Wars fan, a big day is coming up. May The 4th, as we all know, kind of sounds like "May the Force" so now it's a thing. Fittlife with Lufkin Parks & Recreation Department are teaming up for a Star Wars themed free event based on this spacey holiday.

It is pretty easy at this point to guess the date of this event. It's on Tuesday May 4th, 2021 from 5:30-7pm at Kiwanis Park in Lufkin. That's right across from the radio station, I wonder if I will be able to see them from here? It's free, so I guess I could just walk over when I get off.

This is a fitness challenge, and they are really going to get you working. You need a backpack with weighted items equaling 50lbs for men, 30lbs for women, and 15lbs for kids. As a bonus, come dressed in your favorite Star Wars gear and enter the costume contest.

Once you are all decked out, the workout begins...

50 squats with the bag
Run 1 lap
Pushups with bag, 25 for males, 15 for females, & 10 for kids.
Run another lap
15 Lunges each leg with bag.
Run yet another lap
30 burpees (okay you lost me there, but at least I can put the bag down)
Run 1 lap to finish.

You can bring the entire family, there is a lot to do in Kiwanis Park. The skatepark will be open, and they will have some other actives going on. Did I mention it is free?

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