This is probably not the way Donald Trump envisioned moving the economy.

A man in Ireland named Joe Lee has been hired by gambling site Paddy Power as a Donald Trump bookmaker, i.e., a person whose job is to come up with outrageous bets involving the controversial president.

Place the right wager and you can win bigly.

Putting your money where your mouth (or, in this case, Trump's mouth) is a cottage industry. "More bets are placed on the Donald than on boxing, motor racing or even the president’s favorite sport, golf," reports Britain's Sun.

Lee could have the job for a long time, too, or, it could end quicker than Anthony Scaramucci's tenure, since he's expected to keep the gig for as long as Trump is in office.

For his part, Lee took a shot at the commander-in-chief. "I’m very much looking forward to putting my own cabinet together but unlike Mr Trump I won’t be sacking them all within a few months." Guess you can add him to the Magna Carta-length list of people with whom the prez is feuding.

Betting on Trump is nothing new, but having someone dedicated solely to creating the wagers and odds most definitely is. Considering how controversial and unpredictable the first few months of the administration has been, it should come as no surprise that the bets being laid out reflect that.

Take a look at some of the unusual bets on which you can make some cold hard cash and while the president is draining the swamp, be sure not to drain your bank account:

  • Trump to grow a Hitler moustache - 66/1
  • Melania to run agains him for president in 2020 - 80-1
  • Melania to be deported in 2017 - 100-1
  • Trump to marry for a fourth time while in office - 16-1
  • Trump to paint the White House gold - 500-1
  • Trump to add his own face to Mount Rushmore - 100-1
  • Trump to add his image to American money - 100-1
  • Trump to surgically enhance his hands - 500-1
  • Trump to convert to Islam - 50-1
  • Joe Biden punches Trump in the face - 50-1
  • A Trump sex tape to be leaked - 14-1
  • Trump to come out as gay - 100-1
  • Trump to announce aliens exist - 20-1

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