Over the past several weeks, storms in East Texas have inundated the area with large rainfall totals.  That played out Sunday with numerous reports of flooded and impassable roadways.  One of the other issues of heavy rainfall is the danger of falling trees due to the saturated ground.  Unfortunately, a falling tree has led to the death of an elderly Lufkin woman.
According to a Facebook post from the Lufkin Police Department, early Monday morning, emergency responders were called to the 600 block of Lafayette Street (a few blocks from the hospital district) to a report of a woman who died when a tree fell on her home.
The call came in at 2:48 a.m. from the woman’s son who said a tree had just fallen on their home and that he believed his elderly mother was deceased.
Contributed Photo/LPD
Contributed Photo/LPD
Officers and firefighters arrived on the scene to find that the tree had fallen through the woman’s bedroom. Officers and firefighters spent the next hour working together to remove the tree from the home. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.
Rain will remain in the forecast through Wednesday afternoon for Deep East Texas.  Although forecasters do not believe we will have the widespread outbreak of severe weather that we experienced on Sunday, another 1-3 inches of rain could fall in the area, especially on Tuesday.  Not only could this lead to more localized flooding, but this will only aggravate the saturation level of the ground.  So, please be mindful of the possibility of falling trees.

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