A Lufkin Police report stated that at 4 a.m. Tuesday morning officers were called to Downtown Lufkin near Standpipe Coffeehouse to a report of suspicious activity. Officers arrived in the area and noticed broken glass covering First Street. At that time, they heard a noise coming from the roof of Standpipe.

Officers climbed the fire escape and found where someone had scaled a hurricane fence with a barbed-wire top to access the rooftop. Officers began calling whoever was on top of the roof to come down. Two men and two women identified as Destiny Glaze, 20, of Lufkin, Joshua Layton, 18, of Pollok, Savannah Dowthitt-Jennings, 19, of Lufkin and Trace Selman, 18, of Wells then came down from the roof.

Contributed Photos/LPD
Contributed Photos/LPD

Selman, Dowthitt and Layton admitted to removing bulbs lining the side of the building and throwing them from the rooftop into the street. Selman said they were “just trying to have a little fun.” The group was taken to jail for Class B misdemeanor criminal trespass and criminal mischief. Officers also found where someone removed masonry from the Perry Building and threw it from the roof into the street.

The damage is estimated at around $1,200.

Later this morning (Tuesday), a Downtown Lufkin resident reported that someone stole potted plants from the stairs leading up to her door. She said the pots – two light blue, vintage, terra cotta strawberry planters – are irreplaceable because they belonged to her grandmother. Officers did not find broken pieces in the area so she believes the suspect may have stolen them.

If anyone finds the pots, please contact the Department at 936-633-0356.

Assistant City Manager Gerald Williamson said downtown business owners made reports of criminal activity the past few days. He said the city has a close working relationship with the businesses and residents who call downtown Lufkin home. That close relationship assists in combating crime in the area like this incident.

“In cases like this one, the suspects are usually younger people, and they always make reference to they were ‘just having fun,’” Williamson said. “This is not fun. It is criminal and it is destroying people’s personal property and livelihoods and it will not be tolerated.”

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