That didn't take long.

We went from rainy season to Summer doldrums in just a matter of days. We are pegging the mid 90s on the temperature gauge and the heat index has been approaching 110.  So, you should try your best to avoid any sort of outdoor strenuous work during the heat of the afternoon and evening. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at taking my own advice.

After being on vacation last week, I came back to knee high weeds in my back yard.  My zero turn mower is being worked on, but I do have a push mower.  I just spend 4 days at Disneyworld, walking about 10 miles each day.  Surely, attacking nearly an acre of grass with a non-self propelled push mower won't be a problem.  Within 15 minutes, my fingernails were sweating, I yelled at a cloud for not staying put, and I started sucking on a hummingbird feeder.

We are supposed to have several more back to back days of this kind of heat in Deep East Texas, so, please be smart and take it easy.  Know the symptoms of heat exhaustion and of a heat stroke.

Extreme heat during East Texas summers is nothing new.  Tropical disturbances in the Gulf of Mexico is something else that's rather common this time of the year.  Don't look now, but we might have a Bill or Claudette trying to form (another system in the Atlantic may become a named stormed before this one).  Right now, this area of storms is located in the south end of the Gulf of Mexico, and it's about as organized as a teenager's room a week after school is out for Summer.

However, by the end of this week, this disturbance could become a depression and then organize into a tropical storm, in fact, hurricane development is not completely out of the question according to some models.


Regardless, the system is expected to get better organized and make landfall sometime this weekend.  That landfall could happen anywhere along the gulf coast from Texas to the Florida Panhandle.  It's still early, but this looks to be a big rainmaker for areas around New Orleans.

Listen to KICKS 105 for updates on the weather and download our KICKS 105 App to have alerts sent to your phone.  Until then, may you be neck deep in water in a shaded swimming pool.


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