Earth Day is all about learning to live in greener ways, and there are several ways to do it in Lufkin.

The Ellen Trout Zoo is getting into Earth Day too.

Some practical ways to celebrate Earth Day include changing out old light bulbs for the new energy efficient ones, recycling cardboard, cans, and plastics, and installing an app that tracks energy usage.  Those are some pretty cost-effective ideas, but there are more expensive ways to observe Earth Day too, like installing a convection oven or solar panels on the roof.  Those are big investments up front, but they can save energy over time.

The Ellen Trout Zoo is having an Earth Day celebration this Saturday, April 23, from 10am to 2pm with recycled crafts, a bear maze, and natural wildlife exhibits from local groups.  The city says on its website that the groups participating include Lufkin Middle School Eco Club, Black Bear Task Force, Texas Forestry Museum, Angelina Beautiful Clean, City of Lufkin Recycling, Angelina Master Gardeners, and Take Care of Texas. All you have to do to be part of it on Saturday, is go to the zoo and pay regular admission, and that will be included.

This Friday, April 22nd, is the 46th anniversary of the Earth Day celebration.

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